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Our Service


New to click here to see the process involved in working with us to create a video news release. 


Our thinking

TV ScreenThe globalisation of higher education and research has opened up new challenges and opportunities for the sector. Now competing in a global marketplace for the best quality students and staff and lucrative research grants, communicating with alumni in all corners of the world, developing research partnerships with other institutions and businesses, and reaching policy-makers, there is a need to rethink traditional communications strategies and tactics. Research-TV was designed to help universities and research organisations communicate cutting-edge research to a global audience.

MouseWith the explosion of digital and satellite television, and the convergence of media technologies and platforms, there is a growing demand on broadcasters to fill programming schedules with up-to-the-minute stories and news items. Universities and research organisations are a reliable source of "content rich" stories that work well for audio-visual media, for radio, television and the internet.

What do we do?

girl viewing Research-TV websiteResearch-TV works with a team of news professionals to produce broadcast quality video news releases. Our stories are distributed to television and broadband channels worldwide via APTN's global satellite distribution service. We also have agreements with a number of affiliate channels in Europe, Asia and the Middle East who guarantee coverage of all of Research-TV's content. A comprehensive monitoring report provides data to the client on usage in the first 5 days following distribution of the story. Broadcasters can choose to sign up to Research-TV's broadcaster alert service.

All of our stories are free for broadcasters to use for 28 days following distribution. All stories are streamed in full on the Research-TV website, with full transcripts, supporting materials and links to accompany each story. Our flexible approach means that each story is deliberately produced so that it can be used for more than just broadcast coverage.

The Partnership


quotesResearch-TV has been an important part of our research communications activities. We benefit from 'strength in numbers.' Our ability to fast track directly through to media across the world is enhanced by the combined research power of all of the partners involved. The results have been very impressive. And the fact that we retain editorial control means that our academic colleagues are completely committed to it too...quotes
Director of Marketing and Communications, The University of Nottingham.

Core partners of Research-TV benefit from being part of a consortium of leading universities and research organisations. Partners are able to have editorial input into the development of Research-TV at regular meetings. Their involvement with Research-TV presents them as being a reliable and trust-worthy provider of cutting-edge, newsworthy content. See our current core partners.

Find out more about Research-TV in our Frequently Asked Questions section.

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