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Research Stories A-Z


Research Stories A-Z

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A Breath of Hope
A Happy Marriage Helps Beat Flu!
A Noah for the 21st Century
Another thing the Romans gave us - Virtual Reality!
An Electrifying Way to Stay Dry
Archbishop Tutu opens new Infection and Immunity Labs as UK HIV cases hit all time high
Are Two Heads Better than One
Astronomy for Today - and Tomorrow
Athletes' Monitoring System goes to Athens
A Duty of Care
Age and Immunity
The Archaeology of Climate Change

The Business of the Beautiful Game
Battling the Superbug
Brain Scans Show ADHD Differences
Breath of Life - A New Diagnostic Technique
Britain's Transport Crisis: The True Costs
Buddy System for World Cup Wannabes
Building Bridges the Super Computer Way

Clean and Green Water
Clues to Croatia's Past
Compatibility - It's All in the Genes!
Composite Materials Improve Efficiency
Congestion Charge Reducing Congested Chests?
Cooking Biomass to Create Bioenergy
Could the Antarctic Cod Aid Cardiac Research?
Cosmic Cookery - Grow Your Own Galaxy
Cow Heaven
Cracked Rail Detector
A Curry Against Cancer?
Cyborgs and Stem Cells
The Complete Works of Shakespeare

Defusing the waste timebomb
Digitising Desmond Tutu
The Dirt on Diesel
Double Action Vaccines - A New Weapon in the Fight Against Cancer
Drug Delivery - The Skin's the Thing!
Dry Valleys of the Antarctic
Dynamic Fertigation
Don't Boil the Broccoli!

Eco One for the Road
England Strip Oustrips the other Strips - in China
Earning Power - Like Father, Like Son
Eat Chocolate and Save the Planet!
E-Science - The Future of Research
EU Research Infrastructures - Materials Science and Technologies of Tomorrow
EU Research Infrastructures - Astronomy Looks into the Future

Failed Intelligence Means Failed Security
Fear of a Fat Future
Fit to Fight Depression
Follow that Fish!
Ford Motor Company Invests in Automotive Research
Forget Robo Cop, meet Robo Receptionist!
For Peat's Sake!
From DNA Structure to Stem Cells - 50 years of Controversial Research
Fuel of the Future
The Future is Smart!

Global Warming Bonds
Going Nuts in Africa!
Government Policies are Failing Britain's Workforce
The Grass is Greener for British Meat

Healing Power of Maggots
Hemianopia: Looking into the Dark
Ho! Ho! Ho! - It's a Tweenage Rampage!

International Children's Games Comes to Coventry
International Children's Games Gets Underway
Is China cheating on Trade?

Job Satisfaction Depends on Happiness
Just Eat and Go!

Kids Design Hospital for Kids
King's College London tests Olympians
King's College launches Incisive Review of UN Peacekeeping Operations

Learning to Live with Environment Change
Lights! Camera! Action!
Location is Everything

Malaria, Mosquitoes and Man - Breaking a Deadly Cycle
Manuscript Poetry - the Early Voice of Feminism?
Music Technology
Managed Flooding and Flood Management
Magnetic Milestones in Children's Brain Tumour Treatment
The Magnetic Attractions of Nanotechnology
Magnetic Levitation
Men Are Definitely Not From Mars!
Microengines: The Batteries of the Future
Midwives Breakthrough in Maternity Care
"Moonrise" Sheds Light on Art

Nanotechnology and the Health of the EU Citizen in 2020
Natural Disasters or Political Failures?
Nelson: Britain's First Super Hero
New Assessments of Risk Tolerance could Massively Benefit Stock Market
New Sensor Provides Early Warning of Fetal Hypoxia
Not Exactly Brain Surgery
New Chemotherapy Trial Significantly Improves Survival Rates

Old MacDonald Buys Robots
Older and Wiser? - Tackling Problems of the Ageing Brain
Old News is of Growing Importance!

Pioneering Heart Treatment
Place Names - Will Lord of the Rings Win a Spear of God?
Polymers to Go
Predicting Landslides

Re-Designing Designer Drugs to Stop Cancer
Researchers Offer Breakthrough Flu Protection
Risking the Mummy's Curse!

Say it with Flowers
Sat-Nav: Driving Aid or Driving Distraction?
Scanning Brainwaves to Read the Mind
Sex and Death in a British Orchard!
Shakespeare's Lost Play
Should Athletes Smile?
Showdown at Red River
Silence Isn't Golden for Car Manufacturers
Sleep and Obesity
Sound and Vision
Sound, Vision and Nanoscience
Still Fighting the Cold War
Storm in a Coffee Cup
Super Broccoli Stars at Chelsea Show
Surviving an Earthquake
Switching on the Future of Fuel

Taking the Lab to the Riverbank - A New Pollution Detection Device
Taming The Waves
The Team's the Dream
'The war with Iraq- A refugee crisis waiting to happen'
Travel Tummy
Travelling Times
Tunable Windows Keep Office Secrets
There-Reality, Seeing the Past
The Matter of Life, the Universe and Everything!

US Air Force turns to UK University to protect Satellite Communications
Using Chinese Mint to make Anti-Cancer drugs

Why Do They Do It? - Racial Harassment in North Staffordshire
Within-School Variation - Education's Biggest Challenge
Worm Turns Light on Fatal Fungus

Young Voters - Interested in Politics not Politicians
Youth Crime - A thin line between Offender or Victim

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