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The Team's the Dream
As society develops, it throws up increasingly complex structures and organisations, making teamworking ever more valuable. Researchers at Aston Business School, part of Aston University in the West Midlands of the UK, are conducting research into teamworking and looking into how effective teamwork can improve efficiency and productivity within organisations and how this can benefit society. (more on this story)

The Business of the Beautiful Game
Football (Soccer) may be the "beautiful game" but it's also, increasingly, about big business. The new breed of manager knows this and is now preparing to battle it out in the boardrooms as well as on the pitch. New Leeds Manager Kevin Blackwell, Manchester City Coach Stuart Pearce and Wycombe Wanderers' manager and ex-England captain, Tony Adams, will graduate this summer from a unique course run by Warwick Business School. (more on this story)

Is China cheating on Trade?
After a honeymoon period in the wake of China's WTO entry, there's a new tone of criticism in the US regarding China's trade regime. In research funded by the UK's Economic and Social Research Council, Professor Shawn Breslin (University of Warwick, UK) controversially argues that simple notions of bilateral relations between nation states are outdated and many US-based companies and shareholders are getting much more out of China than the figures suggest. (more on this story)

Job Satisfaction Depends on Happiness
Can money buy happiness? Research, by economists from the University of Warwick, into the interplay of money and happiness shows that while money matters, 'Rank' - your position in the pay hierarchy - is more significant when it comes to happiness at work. (more on this story)

New Assessments of Risk Tolerance could Massively Benefit Stock Market
Researchers from the University of Warwick's Institute of Applied Cognitive Science have devised a new method of obtaining a very precise understanding of a consumer's tolerance of risk. The technology can be used to help match consumers with financial options that are closely keyed to the exact level of risk that investor feels comfortable with. (more on this story)

Government Policies are Failing Britain's Workforce
Research funded by the Economic and Social Research Council  in the UK has found that current government skills and innovation policies will not succeed in making Britain a high performance economy as efforts to improve skill levels are actually being hindered by "the bewildering number of public bodies seeking to offer training opportunities". (more on this story)

Ford Invest in University Research Centre
The Premier Automotive Group, Ford Motor Company's premium vehicle group, manufacturing Jaguar and Land Rover, have invested heavily in The University of Warwick's new International Automotive Research Centre in order to tap the talent from graduates in the area. (more on this story)

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