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Another thing the Romans gave us - Virtual Reality!


Summary: Extravagant wall paintings suggest Roman version of virtual reality

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Photo of Wall PaintingNow it seems that, in addition to roads, education and all the other advantages listed in "Monty Python's Life of Brian", the Ancient Romans gave us another modern boon - Virtual Reality!

Famed for their passion for theatre, the Romans depicted stage-sets in extravagant wall paintings that decorated their homes. These complex works of ancient art suggest 3-D architectural structures on 2-D surfaces, and are the Roman version of virtual reality.

3D reconstruction of stage set depicted in the House of Pinarius Cerialis, Pompeii, by e-lab in conjunction with Professor RichaResearchers at the University of Warwick are transforming ancient Pompeiian wall paintings into the 21st century version of virtual reality, using 3-D digital models to interpret early Roman versions of perspective painting and allow viewers to tread the boards of long-lost Roman theatres.

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