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Cow Heaven


Broadcast Date: Tuesday 17 August 2004
Summary: Robotic systems increase dairy farm yield


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Cow HeavenThe UK's University of Nottingham must have the most luxurious Dairy Centre in modern farming!

The University's state of the art facility has invested extensively in robotic systems, designed to significantly improve both milk yields and animal welfare.

Most impressive of the robotic systems at the Dairy Centre are the robotic milking machines. These machines allow the cows to decide exactly when, and how often, they want to be milked during the course of the day.

The animals queue up to use the self activated milking cubicles. Laser systems scan the animals' udders and automatically attach the milking machine, allowing the cow to, effectively, milk itself anything up to six times a day. The outcome at this dairy farm of the future has been higher milk yields and a healthier, more contented herd of cows.

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