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Clean and Green Water


Broadcast Date: 29 January 2004
Summary: Sustainable way of cleaning up water suplies


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Clean and Green WaterAn environmentally-friendly technique that uses sunlight to destroy pollution has been developed by academics at the School of Chemical, Environmental and Mining Engineering in the University of Nottingham, England.

Led by Dr Gianluca Li Puma, the team has developed a new reactor - the fountain photocatalytic reactor - to treat contaminated water using titanium dioxide. This is an inexpensive white powder used as the pigment in paints and health products such as toothpaste and sunscreen. This cheap and harmless chemical reacts with sunlight to destroy persistent contaminants such as pesticides and pharmaceutical residues.

The new technology could provide an important breakthrough for a sutainable way of cleaning up water supplies and industrial waste water.

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Research-TV Feed: Tuesday 29 January 2004. For more information about this film and Research-TV, email, or call 020 7004 7130

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