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Ford Invest in University Research Centre - Transcript


00:00            Motor Vehicle Manufacturing line (Range Rover)

Guide Voice: UK Motor manufacturing, like much of the West's volume manufacturing, has been hit by low labour costs in other countries. This means that a significant part of UK automotive engineering is now concentrating on what it does best - the premium vehicle sector. In order to continually to succeed in such a competitive market manufacturing needs to draw on the best talents and have access to the best in research and development technology.

00:35 (SOT) Professor Kumar Battacharyya, Director of Warwick Manufacturing Group - "The most successful industries are the ones that have the closest relationships with the Universities. After all, Universities have continuous fresh brains going through the system and if we could capture them for something that Industry needs its brilliant".

00:52            GVs Exteriors, Warwick University Campus
                      CU Car - pull wide to show International Manufacturing Centre
                      Research students inside Centre
                      Brochures for courses
                      Manufacturing Robots

Guide Voice: The University of Warwick's new International Automotive Research Centre, based at the Warwick Manufacturing Group, is a £70 million project, jointly funded by Ford and Advantage West Midlands and designed to help manufacturing companies in the UK's premium automotive sector improve product development through Engineering Management and skills training and research and development

Bob Dover, Chairman and Chief Executive of Jaguar & Land Rover, part of Ford's Premier Automotive Group, addressed this need at the launch of the new Centre.

01:28 SOT: Bob Dover, Chairman and Chief Executive of Jaguar and Land Rover; Head of Premier Automotive Group - "The Motor Industry Worldwide is probably one of the most brutally competitive environments that there is. There are only two groups of people making luxury cars - there's the UK and there's Germany. We can compete in the premium area and I think Land Rovers, Range Rover, the new Jaguar is very good evidence that we can do that. But to keep in front in the technology race we continually need a stream of new people, a stream of new technology and partner suppliers who are sharing in that knowledge".

02:04            GV Press Launch of Automotive Research Centre
                      Manufacturing Robots

Guide Voice: The new Centre starts its programme with 20 research projects covering a range of areas, such as advanced body joining techniques, ultra high strength, wireless tracking devices, voice recognition, new tools to the supply industry, hybrid vehicle technologies, training and skills development for supply industry.

02:34 (SOT) Nick Paul, Chairman, Regional Development Agency, Advantage West Midlands - "Well, the value to my mind, is that we mustn't have Universities carrying out research in isolation from the business sector and this is where we're going to marry those two. We're going to marry the research and development carried out here at this University with the needs of business here in the West Midlands".

02:53            Jaguar Logo outside garage
                      Pull out from radiator grill to show Jaguar saloon
                      Land Rover sign
                      Land Rover Defender
                      Range Rovers in final production stages
                      Range Rover rolls off production line

Guide Voice: It's believed that, in total, the work of the new Centre will help secure around 50,000 jobs working in automotive engineering - the vast majority of which will be in the English Midlands. Jaguar and Land Rover, as part of Ford's Premier Automotive Group, market vehicles in over 142 countries worldwide. Ford's investment in Warwick University's latest research facility is a major commitment to the future of premium goods manufacture.

03:28            Cut story ends

03:33            Additional material
                      2 shot - early Land Rover and new Range Rover

03:40 (SOT) Professor David VandeLinde, Vice Chancellor, University of Warwick - "Working together we can take the best of all of the Worlds and synthesise what can really be very helpful for the productivity of the West Midlands and in particular the Automobile Industry but also genmerates a role model, if you well, a prototype that we can do many other things with whether it be in medicine or agriculture whatever".

03:59 Bob Dover at Press launch - "I applaud an initiative like this. It offers innovative and forward thinking manufacturers a chance to draw on the expertise available here, as well as pooling talents with others who are like minded in their objectives".

04:14            Cutaway, journalists and guests at press launch

04:19            VNR ends

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