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Microengines: The Batteries of the Future


Broadcast Date: Tuesday 17 June 2004
Summary: Tiny engines could replace standard batteries

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Two EnginesUniversity of Birmingham engineers have developed tiny engines only a few millimetres wide, that could soon replace a standard battery.

Lead by Dr. Kyle Jiang, investigators at the University's School of Engineering are the first to manufacture these engines in a durable, heat resistant material such as a ceramic or silicon carbide.

As a result, these micro-engines will have over 300 times more energy than an ordinary battery and are much lighter and smaller.

Piston arrayThese new power-supplying machines could be used to charge mobile phones and lap top computers in a matter of seconds and could also be used for a range of other applications such as micro-factories, tiny "labs-on-a-chip" that will be able to make drugs, chemicals or small mechanical components.

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